Cec Murphey, Teacher

I can’t recall when I didn’t want to write. Although I tried to get published at age 16, I had nothing accepted until I was 38, and only after I learned a few things about the publishing industry.

After I had sold at least 20 articles, I made a double commitment to God and to myself. First, I promised that I would never stop learning and improving as a writer.

Second, I promised I would do whatever I could to help other writers. I’ve tried to offer help and to find more opportunities of sharing what I’ve learned.

My teaching, my blog, and my books Unleash the Writer Within and Writer to Writer all represent my commitment to continue to improve. They show the results of my learning that have enabled me to partially fulfill the second part of the commitment.

The best statistics say only about 2 percent of writers make a full-time living at the craft. I consider myself greatly blessed because God has honored my double commitment and my writing income has supported me since 1984.

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Good Words about Teaching

“Cec Murphey has been hard on me and held high expectations in all the ways I’ve needed, and he’s been kind and gracious in all the ways I’ve needed. God gave me talent; Cec turned it into skill. In my emerging writing career, I owe Cec everything. He is the father of my writing.”
–Peter Lundell, Pastor, Author

“Cec Murphey knows what writers need most and shares key truths without pomp or pretense. His insights propelled my work to new levels of excellence. Besides that, he now lives in my head and edits every word I write.”
–Marti Pieper, Book Doctor, Writer, Editor

“When Cec Murphey talks, people listen. When people listen, they learn from one of the best. Cec gently encourages and motivates people as he draws on a wealth of wisdom garnered from more than thirty years of writing and many years of pastoring. The nuggets of knowledge he disperses are like manna from heaven for anyone who has attended one of his workshops or seminars.”
–Larry J. Leech II, Ghostwriter, Editor, Executive Chairman Christian Writers Guild Word Weavers