Cec Murphey, Speaker

When I speak, I’m able to spontaneously express my heart. I feel I can connect with people and open myself to them. I try to be transparent, and in doing so I tacitly give them permission to become transparent. I appreciate opportunities to preach in churches and to speak and teach at conferences and recovery groups. I especially enjoy meeting and interacting with people who have read my books.


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Cec’s many topics can be customized to meet your keynote, workshop, retreat, or guest-speaker needs.

  • The Dark Side of Ministry
  • Christian Living
  • Personal Growth
  • Healing from Abuse (Physical, Verbal, Sexual)
  • Self-care for Survivors of Abuse
  • Caregiving
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Significant Aging
  • Healthy Living
  • Writing

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Good Words about Speaking

“I envy any church, convention, conference, or organization fortunate enough to sit under the tutelage of Cec Murphey. I, personally, have booked him here at Taylor University Fort Wayne as a guest professor and as a chapel speaker, and the faculty and students were delighted with his presentation style and the content of his talks. You will be, too.”
–Dennis E. Hensley, PhD, Professor of English

“With wisdom obtained through years of serving the Lord, Cecil Murphey leads his listeners to a point of decision-making. What will we choose, transparency or fear? Forgiveness or anger? Freedom or chains? Cec and his ministry encourage us to make a difference for life and eternity.”
–Vonda Skelton, Author and Speaker, Founder Christian Communicators 

“Cec is one of the most genuine and generous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. His kind heart and loving spirit are evident from the very beginning. He quickly engages the audience with not only his knowledge of the subject, but also with his warm and friendly delivery. He has the unique ability to connect on a personal level with many different types of people. One immediately senses his unselfish compassion and willingness to listen. He’s a true caregiver at heart and a gifted writer and orator.”
–Deborah J. Thompson, Stephen Minister and Leader, Founder of Atlanta Stephen Ministry

“Cec Murphey has a remarkable gift of captivating your imagination when he speaks. His warm inspiration comes from his ability to relate to just about any person or circumstance. When he tells a story, he somehow unites a calm demeanor with intense conviction, and paints a word-picture so remarkably vivid, the illustration will stick with you for years! Cec will effectively lead you to grow, develop, and learn from his own biblically-founded and personal life lessons. I hope you can attend a Cecil Murphey event and personally experience his humility, sincerity, and vulnerability. When you do, you’ll agree that Cec is an open book of life-insights and wisdom, from cover to cover!”
–Rev. Aaron Kassler, Financial & Strategic Leadership Consultant





View Cec’s speaking schedule.