Murphey’s Maxims

Click on the link for a partial categorized list of Cec’s aphorisms (Murphey’s Maxims). You’re welcome to share any of his maxims with others, if proper credit is given.

These quotables grew out of Cec’s personal struggles, teaching, and writing, and out of his hunger for more enlightenment to know himself and to know God. Many of the books he’s written include his aphorisms.

Cec’s favorite is a short prayer that he often had his audiences say along with him: “Loving God, show me the truth about myself, no matter how wonderful it may be.”

Here are a few memes that were created with his maxims. More can be found at Pinterest. 

In these short video clips, Cec talks about specific aphorisms.

“God, help me accept the unacceptable qualities in myself that I see reflected in others.”


“Today I have time to do everything I need to do today.”


“My role is not to solve others’ problems; my role is to care about them while they solve their problems.”


“God, heal the parts of me that don’t want to be healed.”